Friday, April 4, 2008

Honey - get out the saw!

Our rams horn has caused me a bit of a headache lately. When we got him as a lamb early last summer he had broken off one horn.
Since then it had grown back, unfortunately now pushing into his head above his eye.
So when my ever so helpful husband came home from work today I asked him to get out the saw.
Off course he was delighted upon the chance of cutting a sheep's horn instead of relaxing on the coach with glass of pineapple juice (well yes, he does prefer the juice over a cold beer)!
So while he looked for a saw I put a halter on the ram, tied him to the fence and pinned him in the corner. My only question was: would this turn into a bleeding mess?
There are no nerves in the horns, so no pain for the little guy translated into no struggles. At least not for him, it was a bit different for my better half. He did not feel all that comfortable performing the procedure. But, eventually off came an inch or so of horn and not a drop of blood.
Happy ram, happy me, happy husband - Happy End!

On the way to the house I found 7 eggs in the hen house. The chickens are in their yearly molt, were they are changing their entire feather costume. This takes a lot of energy, and translates into no eggs. 7 eggs means we are going uphill again and eggs for breakfast tomorrow!


dubaibilly said...

I'm sure your ram is very pleased at not having the horn pressing into his skull - how often will hubby have to carry this operation out?

the shepherdess said...

I think if we take another inch off the ram should be allright for a couple of years. This is just a guess, and he might prove me wrong next year....

Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

Now that's team work! Well done. I think spring might be upon us. Now there is only about 3' of packed snow to melt. I keep straw spread around on top so it isn't bad when melting. So far so good. If this weather continues we should see more signs of spring. I am getting impatient and want to come to Montana and pick up my new girls.

This past Sunday we were surprised with a newbie....a little black girl. Our first baby girl. The vet said he was 90% sure the mother wasn't pregnant so we gave up the watch. I named her Serendipity which is very fitting since she was unexpected and quite the pleasant surprise.

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