Friday, May 9, 2008

Flying high

They are not quite flying, but they sure would if they could. So for now they abuse the hoop barn for their first attempts to take off!
Much to my husbands dismay. The hoop barn used to be tall enough for me to stand in, now you only stand a chance to be upright if you are a midget or under 5 years of age....
This diminishing of height happened over the past three years, happy airborne lambs and heavy winter snow both contributed to the sad sagging.
And the loss of height is not all, the sharp hooves of these little buggers rip through the tarp and once a hole is in place the already weathered plastic will rip like a pair of nylon stockings... ( I only know this, because my daughter is a ballerina)
The solution would be a nice wooden barn, but those are future dreams. For now I will go buy new tarp and when hubby comes home from work will innocently wonder about his plans for tonight...

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Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

Oh My....and you thought goats were naughty! Wolfgang needs to build them a playground.

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